Company “Yarovit” imports consumer goods, as well as pipes and rolled metal products to Russia. We deliver goods all over the world. With our help, you can choose the most convenient manufacturer anywhere in the world.

New markets

Currently at Russian market the most popular products are:

– Consumer Goods (disposable tableware, ceramics, souvenirs , etc);

– Rolled metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)

– Pipes (steel, plastic, polypropylene)

Consumer goods that “Yarovit” imports from abroad, include textiles, fabrics, home furnishing goods, souvenirs and etc. This kind of trading can be profitable only if the quality meets the standards. Consumer and small souvenirs cannot make a profit at the low-volume sales. Accordingly, they will be in demand in bulk only having the appropriate quality.

For you the company “Yarovit” will open new markets providing manufacturing of these products with the lowest cost. Now we can offer finished low-cost consumer goods not only from China but also from other rapidly developing markets of Asia and Eastern Europe. We will offer the most favorable price and delivery terms. With our help, you will be able to choose the products from the country that will best meet the needs of your business.

Beneficial cooperation

Another huge segment of the market, which is supplied with high-quality products by the company “Yarovit” – supply of large and small wholesale quantities of rolled metal and pipes. Rolled metal – is fabricated parts of metal, obtained with the aid of the rolling machine by cold, warm and hot rolling. In turn, the metal can be of two types – iron and non-iron. The production of rolled metal products is used in various fields of life. Metal parts are of use in engineering, construction and other technical areas of life.

“Yarovit” Company is ready to offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation with manufacturers of base metals around the world. Metallurgy – is the industry that depends on many factors. For this reason, often, imported products can cost much less than domestic ones. Sometimes even in case of delivery from abroad, imported metal piece is much more profitable than to buy analogues, produced by domestic manufacturers.

In turn, pipes – are necessary element in arrangement of human life, as well as metal. Pipes are used in every household. Both for communal services and private enterprises pipes are high-demanded product. Their quality influences on functioning of the most important life-support systems the city in general as well as each household in particular.